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with recruiters.
Engage every potential

Hiring is too complicated.
SBOJ organises all of your dealings with external recruiters, putting you back in control.
Our human-free, transparent platform lets employers search a pool of candidates from recruiters
and provides recruiters with a 24/7 marketing tool.
For employers, using SBOJ is free
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Add a vacancy & await recruiter responses
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Access the candidates of every recruiter
on the planet
Manage recruiter 'noise'
Eliminate the need for recruiter sales calls
Clear recruiter 'ownership'
Avoid conflict between recruiters
Handling speculative apps.
Aggregated and fully managed
Agreed terms & conditions
No more long-winded negotiations
Redacted Data
Leading diversity hiring & GDPR compliance
Guaranteed refunds
No chasing refunds for failed candidates
One point of invoice
Simple invoicing for all agency recruiters

Is SBOJ a marketplace for recruiters to compete at low cost?

  • No - think of SBOJ as a huge anonymous portal where Recruiters still manage the entire recruitment process. For the first time ‘ownership’ of a candidate can be clearly conferred to a specific Recruiter and furthermore, candidate ownership is transferrable rather than ‘first come, first served.’

Are humans involved in any SBOJ processes?

  • Unlike a recruitment marketplace, there are no humans involved – all the data Recruiters add is aggregated and processed algorithmically. The primary aim of SBOJ is to help Employers use any agency they wish at guaranteed, but reasonable, market rates without the need to resort to a system of preferred suppliers.

So as Recruiters, Employers can search our candidates?

  • Yes - SBOJ is a 24/7 global marketing tool for your candidates - for the first time, Employers can search your candidate pool in real time. For Recruiters, SBOJ is also a window to the world – anonymised candidate data you add can be viewed 24/7 by Employers you may not even know, anywhere in the world – we want Recruiters to make more placements!

Are the details we upload confidential?

  • SBOJ does not ask for or store much personal data about the candidates you upload in the first place. When searching, Employers view anonymised candidate profiles until the Recruiter involved agrees to an interview after seeking candidate consent. In this manner, we believe that SBOJ offers market-leading confidentiality to you and the candidates you represent.

What if my candidate’s current Employer browses his or her profile?

  • SBOJ has a ‘block’ function that, if completed correctly by their Recruiter, will prevent their current Employer (or any other blocked employer chosen) from viewing candidate data.

Is the candidate data we share searchable by a third party?

  • Candidate data shared on SBOJ is only searchable by the carefully selected list of Employers that use our platform. This means your candidate may have the opportunity to interview with Employers you have no prior knowledge of working with, thus offering vastly better potential interview prospects.

Does my candidate data have to be searchable?

  • You can prevent candidate data you share from being searchable by third parties if you wish, but if you do so and other Recruiters upload the same data, then you may miss out on potential placements. If you choose not so to share anonymised candidate data with third parties but only with a specific Employer, then this data will be deleted after 6 months.

Is SBOJ GDPR compliant?

  • Yes – by using SBOJ as a Recruiter, you agree that you have your candidate’s consent to add details to our platform. Remember that all the data you share is anonymised until you agree for your candidate to attend an interview.

How secure is the data held on SBOJ?

  • Please rest assured that SBOJ employ state-of-the-art techniques to secure access to the very limited personal data which we hold.

What does it cost me to use SBOJ?

  • SBOJ charges Recruiters nothing to access the platform. If you make a successful placement, we levy a % fee in line with what you might pay for a candidate referral.